Sunday, January 26, 2014

Secret Valentine Articulation Sort

Wow!  It's been a long time since I've posted a product.  However, Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday, so I had to do it!

Actual mailboxes not included, but can be found cheap in the Target dollar bins!

This is a game that targets both articulation and phonemic awareness.  Students draw articulation card, or in this case a valentine, and have to determine if it should be delivered to Izzy Initial, Mikey Medial, or Frannie Final by figuring out if their target sound is in the initial, medial, or final position of the word.  You can practice at any level by saying the target word or having the student create a sentence about it.  This game is made extra motivating by having "secret valentine" cards mixed in with the articulation cards.  If they come across a secret valentine, the get to keep it for themselves.  Whoever has the most secret valentines at the end of the game, wins!

It targets some common phonemes in error, including: /k/, /g/, /f/, /j/, /l/, /r/, /s/, /v/, /z/, /ch/, /sh/, and /th/.  


Check it out at my TeacherspayTeachers store here!

Happy Speeching!


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