Sunday, February 2, 2014

123TokenMe App for Speech Therapy

I am a speech-language pathologist who does use behavior systems and stickers charts with most of my kiddos.  I tailor each system to the child's specific need.  If a child has trouble remembering their speech folder, I reward them for remembering.   If I have a "runner" I reward them for participating in speech.  If I have a kiddo who does not like doing speech homework, I reward them when they do complete homework tasks.  Given, some of my kids are self motivated and the idea of "graduating" from speech is enough for them, so there is no need for a system to be put into place.  I am by no means a behavior expert, but I do believe in the power of positive reinforcement.

In the past, I have done positive reinforcement with penny boards for more of an immediate reward, as well as sticker charts for more long term goals.  Now that I am between four buildings, I am really trying to simplify as much as a can, which I am finding involves going as "paperless" as possible.

I had been searching and searching for an "sticker chart" app, but most the ones I had found can only manage four or less sticker charts at a time.  With a rather large caseload, this was not an option.  I finally bit the bullet and paid the $9.99 for the 123TokenMe because it was the only one I could find that could hold a whole caseload's worth of charts.  The good reviews also sold me on it.

I am SO happy I spent the money on this app.  I will never go back to paper sticker charts!  Basically, this app allows me to create an individual chart for each student on my caseload (at least the ones that need it).  You can pick from a variety of backgrounds and "tokens" to reward the behaviors.  If you are reinforcing a behavior in intervals (such as rewarding if they are in their seat or paying attention every 3 minutes), the app comes with a timer that will remind you to reward.  Since every student is different, you can control the number of token the student receives to get their reward.  There is also a place to document the behavior you are reinforcing, as well as a place for a visual for what they are working for.

Here are just a couple screen shots for some mock students:

I am loving this tool so far! I have used it for rewarding behaviors such as remembering their speech folder, completing homework, and being an active participant in speech.  I have also used it for speech production practice (for each correct production, the get a token and once all token are full they get a turn in a game).  I have also used for carryover for articualtion.  For example, while taking a conversational sample I have my timer set for every 2-3 minutes and if they are using their target sound correctly when the timer reminds me, they will get a token.

Check out more details about this app here!

Happy Speeching!


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