Saturday, February 8, 2014

What's in my Speech Bin: February 2014

1.  The Day it Rained Hearts:  This book is my favorite book to read around Valentine's day.  It is great for sequencing and inferencing.  I have my students guess who she is making the valentine's for while we read and then we discuss how we know it is meant for that character.  I also have a board maker activity that I use for categorizing and descriptive words where there are descriptions for each character and the students have to decide what characters the descriptions go to (long ears for rabbit, green for turtle, etc).  Find this book here.

2.  Foam Hearts:  I could not find the actual foam hearts I got online, but I found mine at Target (I'm sure Walmart, Michael's, Hobby Lobby will have them!).  The bag I got had a variety of colors, textures, and sizes.  I use these for many goals, such as categorizing (by color, texture, size), prepositions (put the little heart in the middle, between the big hearts, etc), concepts (pick a hear from the pair/several/many pile), and descriptions/directions (give me the glitterly medium purple heart).  It is also great for a reinforcer for articulation activities.  The kind I got had sticker backing, so after they said the designated number of target words/sentences, they would get a heart to put on their sheet.  We also make homework sheets by writing target words on several hearts that I put in a baggie to send home and they can stick them on a sheet of paper once they practice the words at home.

3.  Arthur's Valentine:  Most of my younger kiddos love Arthur books.  It's also a great book to discuss teasing/social issues since Arthur gets teased in the story by his friends for getting Valentine's cards.  We put "thought bubbles" above the character's head to guess what they are thinking in this story by using post-it notes.  Find this book here.

4.  Mail Boxes:  I don't know where to find these online, but I found mine in the dollar bin at Target.  I use these a lot to make categorizing and sorting activities more motivating.  For my "speedy speech" or 5-Minute Kids, I make drill more interesting by having them place artic cards in the mailbox after they practice the target word.  I have also used them with my Secret Articulation Sort, which you can learn more about here.

5.  Froggy's First Kiss:  What kid doesn't like a Froggy book!?  Seriously, name one, I dare you.  I use this as a general retell book, inferencing (who is Froggy making the Valentine for!), and emotional vocabulary (love, embarassed, etc).

What kinds of materials are you using in Frebruary?

Happy Speeching!


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