Sunday, February 23, 2014

March Articulation FREEBIES!

While looking in my March speech and language bin, I realized I only had about two activities in there for the month.  Yikes!  I quickly whipped up two general articulation games with a St. Patrick's day theme.

In this freebie, there is the classic "roll and cover" game that can work with any target sound.  You can work on targets sounds in isolation, words, phrases, or sentences.  For maximum production, I have my students say their target the amount they rolled on the dice.  They can then cover their number with a chip/eraser/etc.  Whoever covers their board first, wins!

The next game targets sounds at the conversational, generalization, and carry over phase.  Patrick the Leprechaun will be listening for how you use your target sounds while you answer these questions.  Students roll the dice to see which questions they will answer.  

Grab these FREEBIES here.

Happy Speeching!


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