Monday, January 20, 2014

Symbaloo: Organize your Online Resources

Today, while meeting up with a couple veteran SLPs at my agency to discuss some complex language kiddos, I glanced over at my coworker's computer and saw something that made my heart skip a beat: Symbaloo.  Up until today, I had not heard of Symbaloo and the minute I had some free time I signed up and set up my homepage.

What is Symbaloo?  Well, I am no expert, given that I've only used it today, but I will say that it has already helped me become more organized and has given me a quicker way to access my online resources.  Using my own words to describe it, I would say it is a visual representation of websites you may "book mark" or "favorite," which you can set as your homepage to give easy and quick access to your frequently visited sites.  If you know me, I love to organize, so I immediately fell in love with this tool. 

Here is my Symbaloo "home page."

You can color code your sites.  I just started organizing my sites into four categories so far, including:

Green: Search Engines (yahoo, google, etc)
White: Work  Sites (email, google drive, IEP site, district site, etc)
Yellow: Products (LinguiSystem, TpT, SuperDuperInc)
Purple: Speech Sites (ASHA)

I plan on adding good speech blogs on there in a different category =)

I think this is such a great tool for SLPs, or really any profession, to help organize their resources.  I use the internet and webpages all the time for resources, so this just made my life a whole lot easier!  Not to mention the set up of Symbaloo reminds me a little of how an AAC device would be set up =)

Do you think you will use Symbaloo to help organize your online life?  Learn more about how to set up and use Symbaloo here.

Happy Speeching!


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