Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Traveling Speech Office

This year I transferred to a new school district (still working for the same agency) and with this new district came some new circumstances.  The past two years I have generally worked in two different schools and had split my time evenly between them.  This year, I am starting at four new schools.  My caseload numbers will be very similar, it is just split up somewhat differently.  One of these schools I will have  my own room, two of these schools I will be sharing a space with some other resource and special education teachers, and one school I will have no space of my own at all.  Organization is what keeps me sane during the school year, so I needed to have some sort of traveling office since I won't have a consistent space.  Enter: Scrap Booking Case.

I found this at Micheals (after seeing one of my speechie friends rolling one along) and luckily, it was on clearance.  Since my space at my schools is limited, I have packed this case with all my necessities.  The Vera Bradley bag is something I have always carried around, so the rolling backpack is was the only add on.  A tour of my office, shall we?

The first stop on our tour is the main pocket.  It has a divider that can move around at your convience.  Right now, I am keeping my speech binder, clip board, and book study books.  It also comes with a removeable compartment, which I will show you soon.

The "lid" of the suitcase carries pens/pencils and inside is a removable compartment that I carry paperclips and highlighters (will soon be adding post-its).

The very front pocket currently hold stamps, dobbers, and stickers (basically anything I use in therapy consistently).

There is also another front pocket that is the perfect size for holding file folders.  My student folders and confidential files will still be held at the individual schools.

There are quite a few side pockets as well.  Currently, they are only holding my "mission money" which I hope to be posting about very soon!
I am holding my activities and games at my home office, which is still being organized, so I will plan on posting that fairly soon!  The plan is to lesson plan a week ahead and bring what activities I need for the day in my Vera Bradley bag.
Link up to your speech rooms! I would love to see the d├ęcor and organization!

Happy Speeching!


  1. I really love this article. There are lots of interesting and useful informations.


    1. Thanks! I have found this system to work really well for me. Of course, I would love to have one classroom where all my things are organized in one spot, but being between four buildings this year, it is nice to have a consistent "traveling office" to hold materials I need daily.