Sunday, August 25, 2013

Simple Apps for Reinforcement

When it comes to the practice-play therapy model (e.g. say ten words, take a turn in a game), I try to keep the games or activities I play really quick and really simple.  I have a handful of apps I typically go to for reinforcement for saying a set of good practice words.  So, without further explanation, here are my go-to apps.

After practicing some good sounds, the student is able to touch the screen to add a star to their sky.  Every time you touch the screen, a musical note is also heard.  At the end of the session, I let the my students swipe the screen with their hands and all their stars fly away.  All together, a very quick and easy way to reinforce articulation practice, not to mention an added bonus if you are practicing /st-/ blends!  This app is currently free.

After practicing good speech sounds, I let my students pick one sticker to add to their background (you can choose from several different backgrounds).  At the end of the session, I let the students press the red button in the lower right hand corner and they are able to see their picture come to life.  As an added bonus, this app doubles as a great language app.  Work on understanding and using prepositional phrases and following directions by telling the child where to put their sticker.  This app is currently $1.99 in the app store. 

This app is so adorable and motivating!  After practicing some good speech sounds, you add "squiggles" to the picture to make the picture come alive.  For example, in the picture above, you add squiggles for clouds to make it rain and make the flowers grow.  In another picture, you draw squiggles for sheep's wool to make the sheep graze.  As an added bonus, this app addresses those pre-writing skills!  This app is currently free.

What are some of your favorite quick motivating and rewarding apps?


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