Saturday, August 31, 2013

Freebie: Speech-Language Pathology SOAP Note Form

When I was in grad school, SOAP notes were the way to go when documenting my speech therapy sessions.  For some reason, once I started in the working world, SOAP notes seemed to disappear and became a thing of the past.  But, now, having flashbacks to grad school, sitting in those one-way mirrored rooms, I realized how incredibly helpful that SOAP note format was.  Objective data is always a must, but it helped to look back on notes and see what their motivation and behavior was like that day to see if it appear to impact their progress and overall accuracy.  It also helped to look at the next plan.  Often I will be in a session with a kiddo and think to myself of something we could work on the next session or a helpful strategy I might use the next time.  I will tell myself that I would remember, but then I would see the next five kids for therapy and the thought was never had again!

I created a SOAP note log, not so I would need to write a paragraph about each session, but so I could make those quick notes and know where to look for them when reviewing data.

Hope you enjoy and find use of this freebie!  Grab it for FREE at my TeachersPayTeachers store here!

Happy Speeching!


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