Thursday, April 11, 2013

Growing Vegetable Soup

I decided to make one more unit before my maternity leave is over so I would have at least two weeks worth of lessons done for my preschoolers!

Since it is Spring, I decided to make a unit pertaining to the book, Growing Vegetable Soup.  This book is wonderfully simple and great for Spring.

The unit I created addresses vocabulary, answering questions, sequencing, reasoning, scanning, associations, turn taking, and comparing/contrasting all related to gardening and vegetables!  I was also thinking it might be fun to actually plant little plants with the kids!  That would be a great way to work on sequencing and following directions in a real life context.  Now, I just need to find cheap little flower pots...

If you want to check out my Growing Vegetable Soup unit, feel free to visit my TeachersPayTeachers store here.  Below are some examples from the unit.

What fun Spring activities are you all doing?


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