Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bug Prepositions!

I'm still dreaming of Spring weather, so I created a Spring related prepositional game that centers around bugs and insects!  And, the best part is it's free!

Learn and reinforce prepositions (above, below, beside, between) using adorable bug and insect themed cards.  Use the cards for drill, memory, a lotto game, or go-fish!  Great for Spring or for kids who are fascinated by insects!  Prepositions are shown in pictures with a fill-in the blank sentence below.

This Activity includes:
 2 Sets (9 Playing Card Per Set) of Above/Below
2 Sets (9 Playing Cards Per Set) of Beside/Between
6 Lotto Boards

Drill- Use cards to drill and teach prepositional phrases (above, below, beside, between).

Memory- Turn playing cards upside-down on table top.  Take turns flipping over two cards at a time to find a match.  If you find a match, you keep the cards and get an extra turn.  If you do not find a match, it is the next person’s turn.  When flipping over card, state prepositional term by filling in sentence.  For younger kids, read sentence aloud or ask where the bug is located.  Older students can read and fill in the blank independently.

Go-Fish-  Shuffle playing cards.  Each player gets five cards.  Take turns asking partners, “Do you have…”  (ex: “Do you have the caterpillar next to the ladybug?).  If they find a matching card, set the match down and take another turn.  If there is no match, they must draw another card from the pile.  The first player to get rid of all their cards by finding their matches is the winner.

Lotto- Each player gets one lotto card.  Place playing cards face down on the table.  Take turns picking the top card on the table.  If it matches a card on your lotto board, place the card on top of the matching picture.  Fill in the blank or ask questions pertaining to prepositions on each turn.  The first person to fill their lotto board is the winner.

Bug Prepositions!Bug Prepositions!Bug Prepositions!
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