Sunday, March 17, 2013

Speech and Language Samples

As a SLP working with kids preschool through 6th grade, it can sometimes be a challenge to find different ways to get speech and language samples.  There are several materials and apps I automatically go to when collecting samples, so without further explanation, here are my favorite materials and how I use them:

I have both these sets, but there is also a voyages set that I have not yet tried out.  My older students love these, I even had a kid ask his parents for a set for Christmas!  I have students roll all the die and create a story that includes each picture in order to collect a speech/language sample, or for articulation carry over practice.

2.  Tell Tale

Tell Tale is great for students of any age and is much easier for younger kids to use compared to the story cubes mentioned above.  There is also a fairy tale edition that I am dying to get my hands on!  To collect samples or for articulation carry over practice, I have kids pick 3-5 cards from the deck and tell a story using the pictures.  Each card is double sided, so possibilities are endless and you never hear the same story twice!

I use this app all the time to collect samples and for carry over practice.  This app is currently running for $2.99 and is well worth it!  Students love spinning the wheel and technology always makes the activity more motivating.  To use this app, students spin the wheel and then tell a story pertaining to the picture they land on.  There is also a visual one minute timer on the app, so I tell students they must use the whole minute (or at least 30 seconds for my younger kiddos) to talk about the picture so we can avoid one sentence descriptions.

Well, there you have it,  my top three language and speech sample materials!  What do you use to collect language and speech samples?

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