Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Garden Articulation!

It's the first day of Spring today!  It's also a whole 12 degrees!  It may not feel like Spring, but that doesn't mean we still can't dream about Spring weather, right?

To celebrate the first day of Spring, I wanted to share my first activity!  I am creating a TeachersPayTeachers account, but plan on sharing freebies once and a while as well. 

Garden articulation targets /l/ blends, /s/ blends, and /r/ blends.  This unit includes:

45 Initial /l/ Blends Playing Cards
72 Initial /s/ Blends Playing Cards
63 Initial /r/ Blends Playing Cards
9 Caterpillar Playing Cards
4 Garden Boards

Each student receives one garden board.  Mix in caterpillar playing cards in with target sound cards of your choice and place face down on table.  Students take turns drawing a card and practice the target word on the card.  Once they have practiced the target word on the card they can place the card in their garden.  If the student draws a caterpillar card, they must put the number of flower cards specified back in the pile.  Who ever ends up with the most flowers in their garden at the end wins!

Garden Articulation  Garden Articulation Garden Articulation 

Hope you enjoy the game and I hope you are enjoying better Spring weather than I am right now!

Get the game for FREE here!

Clip Art Credit for this game goes to: under license number 99159

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