Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sweet Articulation

Hello, Speechie Friends!  I am writing from the comfort of my bed.  The baby is sleeping, so I thought I'd get some rest as well!  Although I will miss the little man when my maternity leave is over, I am anxious to get back to working with students and to be able to share what we are doing in my speech room!

My goal this next year is to create more activities and games geared towards specific target sounds.  Although I think game based therapy can be effective and motivating (example: drill of 10 words, take turn in a game), I sometimes find my students more focused on who is winning in candy land, rather than focusing on the actual goal of working on target sounds.  I am hoping that by incorporating target sounds in the actual game, that productions will be more meaningful and focused.

With that in mind, I created a candy-themed game focusing on the later developing sounds: /s/, voiceless /th/, voiced /th/, and /r/.  Students try to fill their candy jar while practicing target sounds, but watch out for the broken gumball machines, you'll have to put some candy back!  Whoever has the most candy in the jar at the end of the game wins!

 Sweet Articulation: /s/, /th/, /r/Sweet Articulation: /s/, /th/, /r/Sweet Articulation: /s/, /th/, /r/Sweet Articulation: /s/, /th/, /r/

Check this game out at my TeachersPayTeachers store here.

Hope you enjoy!  How do you get students to focus on target sounds?

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