Monday, May 27, 2013

The Carrot Seed

 I love the short and simple storyline of the book The Carrot Seed.  It is a great book to use with students who are just starting to learn to retell stories.  The plot is very simple and details are minimal, so it makes it easy for students to focus on the main events and putting them in sequential order, rather than worry about the frills and fluff of the story.

I have a created a "mini" companion pack for this story.  It focuses on retell, answering questions, turn taking, past tense (with verbs corresponding to the story), and also includes a general reinforcement board.

Although I mainly use this book for beginning retell skills, it also works great for very simple wh-questions and yes/no question.  

Another great activity to go along with the carrot seed is to act it out as you go along. I keep a large tub of pinto beans at my school for sensory purposes.  For this story, we use this as our "garden."  I have students "plant a seed" (usually just use small ball or pebble) and I have already put a toy food carrot in the beans.  The students use a watering can to "sprinkle" the water on the seed.  At the end, I have them dig around in the beans to dig up the carrot.   It's a great way to keep the book interactive and to keep the kids engaged.  But be warned, don't use with over oral kids.  They will put the beans in their mouth.

Check out this mini companion pack at my TPT store here!

On a completely unrelated note, four days until summer break!

Happy Speeching!


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