Friday, June 7, 2013

Monthly SLP Bins

I am switching school districts for the next school year and had a chance to go through every. single. thing. I've acquired over the past two years.  This was daunting, but also gave me the opportunity to organize my materials.  The first thing I did was organize materials that are seasonal.  I had materials taking up space in my speech rooms that I only used maybe one week out of the whole year.  Or, I found materials I completely forgot I had.  What good are materials if I don't even remember where I put them!

To help with this, I created Monthly SLP Bins.

Right now, these bins are sitting in my garage, as we are preparing to move.  When we get to our house, these will have a lovely spot in our basement so I can switch out bins as the school year progresses.

I wanted to be able to switch out the bins quickly and easily, so I created bin covers using clip art from MyCuteGraphics then taped them to the inside of the bins.  I got the bins at Walmart in the office storage section.  They hold file folder hangers and have enough room to also hold games/materials.  

This is a top view of my February bin.  It has file folders containing books and printable activities, as well as a Valentine's Day mailbox I got in the Target dollar section.

This next school year is the first year I will be putting the bins to use and I am hoping to keep adding seasonal games/materials as the year goes on!

Happy Speeching!



  1. Great Idea!! I can't wait to try this in my classroom this year!

  2. What kind of bins are these?

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  4. Do you by chance have the inserts you made on teachers pay teachers?