Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Morphology Cupcakery

I'm not sure if it's the same everywhere, but here in my hometown, cupcake shops are all the rage.  Since I'm a little obsessed with sweets and treats, I thought I'd create a game around cupcakes!  Who doesn't like a delicious mini cake?  Plus, if I wasn't a speech-language pathologist, I would love to be a baker!

I had the delight of sorting through all my materials and realized I don't have a lot of games or activities that focus on grammar, syntax, or morphology.  So, I decided to focus on morphology for this game, specifically on past tense, plurals, possessive /s/, and present progressive tense. 

Hence Morphology Cupcakery!

This game comes with:

 5 Store Front Game Boards.

Matching Cupcake Cards

 Morphological Components Practice Cards with Answer Key (regular past tense, irregular past tense, present progressive tense, possessive /s/, regular plurals, and irregular plurals)

Stock your cupcakery shelves with deliciously cute cupcakes! Give each student one cupcakery board. Mix and stack cupcake cards face down on the table or place in a bag for students to reach into. Place one set of morphological cards (past tense, present progressive tense, plurals, or possessive) face down on the table top. Have students first draw the top card of the morphological set of cards. Have them fill in the blank to the card. If they get they fill in the blank correctly, they can draw a cupcake card. If they do not draw a cupcake that matches a cupcake (by color and cupcake style) in their cupcakery, they must put that card back. If they do draw a match, they place the matching card on their cupcakery shelf. Whoever fills their cupcakery shelves first is the winner! Use the playing cards for drill for quick practice and/or use the cupcakery game pieces as a fun reinforcer to any practice!

Take a gander at this game at my TeachersPayTeachers store here!

Happy Speeching!



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