Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Why Washi Tape is a SLP's New Best Friend

I have been coveting washi tape for a while now.  I'm not sure what it is about it that makes me want it so bad.  It's cuteness?  It's colorfulness?  My need for everything organizational and office supplies related?
I have been having fun with my washi tape in speech the last couple of days.  Here is how I have been using it:
1.  As Place Holders

I have several kids who need to take breaks during sessions or sometimes will bring toys to sessions.  When break time is over, it helps to have a designated spot for their toy or break activities.  Hence, the "X."  For kids who have trouble keeping their hands off the game board when it is not their turn, making two x's with the tape gives them a clear spot on where their hands should be.

2.  For Directional and Spatial Tasks

I have some super fun road washi tape that my kids love creating little tracks or towns with.  In this case, we were working on spatial concepts above and below.  We had fun moving the dinosaur above the road, below the road, or on the road. 

3.  For Personal Space Boundaries 

I had a student last year who did not understand the concept of personal space and would be practically in my lap by the end of the session.  This is where that visual line of "your space" and "my space" comes in handy. 
4.  Group Data Collection

This saves me from flipping from folder to folder to take data.  I typically don't see my students in groups more than two, but in this case, I had some sessions to make up and did not have a choice.  This is so much easier and manageable than flipping between folders! 

5.  Taking Data in the Classroom

Need to get some data for generalization?  No problem!  Slap some washi tape on the pant leg and go at it!

6.  Organizing my Calendar

I am all about the planner.  I have been using my washi tape to block out certain weeks.  Not to mention there are about a billion patterns and colors to choose from, so color coding is super easy!

You can find washi tape for sale here!

Happy Speeching!


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