Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Reinforcer

I have a bad habit of being a frequent shopper in the dollar bins at Target.  Last time I was there, I picked up a Halloween bucket and Halloween socks.  Then, when I was shopping at Joann's (a fabric/craft store), I came across some eyeball bouncy balls to create the following activity:

To make the bucket, I cut the tip of one sock off (adult size) and stretched it over the top of the bucket to prevent peeking.  I then drew a spider on only one of the bouncy balls with a sharpie.  Students take turns reaching their hand in the bucket to grab a ball.  I've played it both ways with my students where if you get the spider you have to put all your eyeballs back or if you get the spider you win that round.

I've been using this game as a reinforcer for articulation drill.  I typically have kids do 10-30 productions (based on how often they need reinforcement and speed/accuracy of production), then take a turn to draw from the bucket.  I've also played this while working on wh-questions using Halloween wh-question cards founds here.  I love this game because turns are so quick and easy that it does not distract from the actual work you are there to do!

Happy Speeching!


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