Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game


This past school year, a SLP friend of mine had posted about the Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game on facebook and it looked intriguing.  I ended up picking one up at Target.

I usually don't buy these types of games if they only work on one particular sound, but it looked too cute and I am a sucker for cute.  It just so happens that it is an excellent game for multiple targets and is super motivating for students!  Here is how I used it this past school year:

Speech sounds:  Of course the /sn/ cluster.  I would have kids say our "magic word(s)," sneaky, snaky, squirrel, before each turn.  If they were not as advanced, we worked on just the word "snack" or "sneaky."  We also worked on /st/ blends and worked on the word "steal" when the squirrel would steal the acorns.  You could also target medial /k/ and use carrier phrases, such as: "I have a ______ acorn."

Social Skills/Functional Language:  With most games, basic social skills is an easy skill to target.  We targeted requesting turns, taking turns, and being a good sport (using self talk and/or power cards for kids who have difficulty loosing).  Using sabotage, such as keeping game parts out of reach, is a great way to promote requesting as well.  We also worked on executive functioning skills, like guessing how long it would take to set up and tear down the game for time management skills.

Syntax/Morphology:  Depending on the child's target, we worked on pronouns (she has a red acorn, I have a blue acorn, you have a green acorn, etc), while also targeting have/has.  We also targeted regular plural /s/ (acorn vs. acorns).

Although not necessarily our direct goals, we also reinforced matching skills and colors for my preschool kiddos.

I love targeting goals in a game format on occasion since it can be so motivating and promote real life application of learned skills.  What are some of your favorite games?

Happy Speeching!


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